^8EA3A1C3AE6E4B10FF154EAFBAEF480B3889B27C1AB87A75B9^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distrHarry Woan is 21 years old and lives with his parents in Northamptonshire. Originally from Hoylake on The Wirral, he has always shown a passion for golf, and has enjoyed the whole aspect of trying to excel in a competitive environment.

He is driven, committed and works tirelessly to make himself a better golfer. Harry has been like this since the journey in golf began in earnest ten years ago, He is a professor of his sport and constantly trying to better himself on a daily basis. If success in the sport of golf was only down to desire, then Harry would be playing on the European Tour right now. However, as we all know it is not. It is more down to the ability and success on the golf course and this is where he looks to constantly improve.

Harry is a laid back kind of young man who is well liked and respected by a wide circle of friends of many different ages.


Harry's Highlights

  •    * Started playing golf with his father at Moreton Hills Golf Centre aged 6
  •    * Moved to Northamptonshire Aged 7 and joined Overstone Park Golf Club as a Junior
  •    * Achieved his first golf handicap of 24 at age 9
  •    * Had a handicap of 11 at the age of 11
  •    * Captained Northants County Golf Under 14 at age 13
  •    * Played for County Junior Golf Under 18’s at aged 13
  •    * Became a Scratch Golfer age 14
  •    * County Under 16 Golf Champion in 2009 aged 14
  •    * English Golf Union Regional Squad member 2009 aged 15
  •    * 5th Place and Leading English Player in English Boys Under 16 Open Stroke Play Champs 2011
  •    * EGU Gold Medal Champion 2011
  •    * Northants County Boys Golf Under 18 Champion 2011
  •    * Northants County Boys Golf Under 18 Match Play Champion 2011 + 2012
  •    * Debut for Northants County Men’s Golf Team 2011
  •    * Represented Northants Men’s Golf Team in five consecutive Eastern County Foursomes
  •    * Represented England Golf Under 16’s 2011
  •    * Runner-up in Midland Boys Golf Under 18 Championships 2013
  •    * Achieved low Golf Handicap of +3 2013
  •    * 8th Place in Men’s Welsh Amateur Golf 2014 with Career low 66 in Final Round
  •    * Runner-up in Midland Youths Championship Golf Under 21 2014
  •    * 3rd Place in WAGR South-East of England Links Trophy at Royal St Georges 2014
  •    * Runner-up Faldo Series 2014
  •    * Achieved World Amateur Golf Ranking high of 902 (51 in UK) in 2015