Brian Mudge Coaching Academy


Brian Mudge Coaching Academy

BMWelcome to FPGA Professional Brian Mudge Grow Golf Coaching Academy.

Want to Play Golf? Want to Practise?‎ Want to have Fun Trying?

It’s all about the cycle of LEARN ‎ENJOY IMPROVE.

The joy of golf is hard to explain and consists of things other than just hitting a ball as well as you can.You make a lot of great friends whilst playing and ‎you are sharing the game with the great outdoors and the wildlife that exists there in all sorts of weather.‎

It’s a game that can played together with people of lots of different ages and there is a handicap system that allows an expert player to compete against a novice player.‎ The etiquette and spirit of the game is vital which makes it a fantastic life skills sport for everyone especially children.

People with physical disabilities and learning difficulties can play golf which truly makes it a game for all. This not always present in a lot of sports where often winning is the only thing that matters. In golf your personal performance is most important and winning is a bonus.‎

As an experienced golf professional and coach and after nearly 4 decades in the game I retain a passion to grow the game through coaching and encouraging people of all ages to start playing and keep playing.

Golf is an extremely difficult and frustrating game to play but it is an enjoyable physical and mental learning process. Part of the attraction of golf is it’s individuality with the fact that the ball is still and you have to try and hit it properly. You choose from a selection of golf clubs to hit the ball different heights and distances.‎ This is a skill that has to be practised‎ to gain some confidence before you can trust yourself to play on the golf course.

Golf is divided into two parts.  One part is the LONG GAME consisting of TEE SHOTS ‎ and mostly FAIRWAY SHOTS with IRONS and WOODS as well as RESCUE CLUBS or shots from the rough grass.‎

The other part is the SHORT GAME and consists of lots of PITCHING and CHIPPING as well as green side BUNKER SHOTS. It also includes what is often known as the game within the game which is PUTTING.

The game of golf consists of counting the number‎ of hits you have from the first shot from the teeing area on a given hole up ‎to getting the ball in the four and quarter inch hole cut into the putting green.

It’s a simple game but there’s a lot of parts to it and the better you do with your long and short game combined the lower your score will be.


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